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Our Core Values

Health should be our number one priority.

We can’t be our best self and maximize our impact on the world when we are experiencing ill-health and disease.

Therefore, our health should be our number one priority.

For someone who is experiencing the challenges that come with being sick, this can feel like an overwhelming ideal.

However, in our experience moving yourself and your health to the top of your to-do-list is very powerful and is often the catalyst to creating a transformational life-experience.

Discover if You’re a Good Candidate

Meet our Clinical Team

Dr. Emanuel Botelho, DC is the owner and clinical director of Dr. Botelho, DC.  After completing his Doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College he continued his extensive postdoctoral training in Functional Endocrinology and Clinical Nutrition.  Furthermore, he completed Advanced Clinical Training in Reversing Cognitive Decline through the Institute of Functional Wellness.  He has been in private practice in excess of 20 years and has helped thousands of patients who have suffered the devastating and life-altering effects of chronic illness.

The motivation from his own personal experience with losing his mother to Diabetes and his grandmother to Alzheimer’s Disease lead to his mission to eradicate such conditions and the genesis of his two books The Diabetes Solution and The Alzheimer’s Solution.  He is passionate about helping patients turn their conditions around so that they may reclaim control over their lives once again!

Dr. Emanuel Botelho, DC

Welcome to Caitlyn our newest Health Coach!

Caitlyn has extensive experience working within the health coaching arena with a focus on both diabetes and weight loss programming. 

She brings excellent organizational skills and an upbeat energy to support you in your health journey.

Caitlyn’s a natural leader with a heart toward achieving your goals – her favorite aspect of health coaching is working a plan to completion and celebrating the little wins along the way! 

When she’s not in the office or tracking down recipes for patients, she loves to hike and travel with her family and enjoys her little cat Hershey.


Health Coach

Bailey is a Certified Health and Wellness coach; she is passionate about creating a safe and supportive space to help patients reach their best self.

Because of her personal health journey, Bailey takes a holistic approach by supporting patients in harnessing the power of their mind, body, and spirit.

She believes that tuning into each one of these areas helps patients create a lifestyle.

She also helps serve as a mentor to inspire, guide, motivate, and hold patients accountable to achieve their health goals.


Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Michelle is a Certified Functional Wellness Health Coach.

She is passionate about helping clients restore their good health by facilitating ways in which they can incorporate the necessary changes into their own lives.

Her mission is to be able to help clients learn and maintain lifestyle changes in order to reverse their chronic conditions and feel more alive!

Client success is what drives her to really listen to each individual and adapt their physician’s recommendations into something they can accomplish and maintain.

Michelle, FWHC

We are proud to introduce you to our newest provider, Dr. Rebecca Patton!

She’s a classically trained Doctor of Chiropractic and Health Coach with a specific focus in Functional Wellness. This means her professional career has been dedicated to understanding root causes and developing care plans that support patients in their unique health journey.

She’s an avid sports enthusiast and spends her time away from the clinic outdoors with her family and their two dogs.

She’s a wealth of knowledge, so be sure to connect with her when you have the chance.  Let’s welcome Dr. Patton to our expanding team!

Dr. Rebecca Patton

Doctor of Chiropractic - Licensed in the state of Florida and applying for licensure in California.

Vianney is our bilingual front office Medical Assistant at Dr. Botelho D.C.

She began studying child development at California State University San Marcos but soon after developed a strong sense of devotion for Functional Wellness.

Vianney has been part of our team since 2018 and has excelled in all day-to- day operations in the office.

Watching our patients light up because they begin to feel better and becoming happier is what she motivates her to do the work that she does here in our close-knit practice.

She has a passion for helping all of our patients and making them feel heard.


Bilingual Front Office Medical Assistant